Maintenance and Overhaul

Planned maintenance is the only way to ensure your doors remain efficient and safe. It is also now a legal requirement that Industrial Doors are periodically maintained to safeguard the health and safety of all employees and of course, the general public.

HSE Regulation 18

Regulation 18 is the outcome of research that links regular maintenance of industrial doors with reductions in accident rates in the workplace.

PUWER Regulation 5

This regulation states that the responsibility for scheduling maintenance of doors with the employer that operates a commercial facility or the owner of that facility. It applies  to all work equipment that is necessary to operate as a business, but does specifically include motorised industrial doors.

Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005

The Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 states that it is the responsibility of employers and landlords to maintain the working order of fire doors and exits. They must keep proof of the doors’ maintenance records and be able to evidence any necessary repairs that have been made to the doors.

Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare Regulations 1992

The document from 1992 states that industrial doors on commercial premises, whether powered or manually operated, must be maintained and a report available.

Our service program is designed to suit all businesses and their doors. We offer 3, 4, 6 or 12 month inspections depending on the design, usage and age of the door.

Our engineers will overhaul and service including minor adjustments/repairs ensuring our customer have full peace of mind. If any larger faults or concerns are seen, we will advise the steps that need to be taken next and can quote accordingly. No major work will be carried out without your consent meaning no unexpected large bills!!!

We can also provide a detailed report following our maintenance checks if requested. We know that auditors and insurance companies require this documentation so this can be provided upon request.

24/7 Call out

If you are unfortunate to have a mechanical breakdown, accident on site or attempted break-in, we can help.

At a minimum our engineers will endeavor to get your premises secure until further repairs can be carried out but in most cases (damage dependent), we can leave your doors temporarily working, if not fully repaired.

We have a large stock of replacement materials that may be required to fully repair you door after our call out so repairs usually carry a quick turnaround to leave disruption to your business to a minimum.


If your door is starting to fail and it is in need of some repairs, our engineers are on hand to help.

Unfortunately we are in a time of ‘replace rather than repair’. As a company we would always prefer to repair your doors rather than just simply just start to replace it, where possible.

At least 50% of our work as a company consists of door repairs and problem solving so we are rarely faced with something we haven’t seen before.

We stock a large amount of materials for all types of different doors including drive units, locks and also the larger components for more popular doors such as roller shutters.

We provide free no obligation quotes for your repairs and have great contacts within the industry to obtain those rare, obsolete parts.

Please contact us to get your door working well again.